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Dual temperature Gauge, Digital LED Thermometer x 2 Temperature Sensors. - Mainline Sensors

Dual temperature Gauge, Digital LED Thermometer x 2 Temperature Ring Sensors


Dual Digital LED Display Thermometer Temperature Ring Sensor. Red, Blue LED


Ideal for oil and water temp, or 2 positions in the cooling system to ensure even temperature distribution.
A reliable and accurate gauge that measures and displays two separate temperatures from -20c to 100c complete with dual waterproof sensor ring probes. Good voltage range to cover various applications.

Measure 2 x temperatures to +100c at once.

Various uses but not limited too:
Fridge, Freezer. 
Aquarium, Vivarium.
Water, Oil Temperature. 
Indoor, Outdoor Temperature Gauge.
Accurate measurements.
Temperature range -20c - 100c.
Easy to read Red and Blue LCD Screen.
Gauge Size: 47.8*28.8*15mm.
Power Supply Voltage:DC 4-28V.
Measurement Precision: 1 celsius.
Sensor Type: 2 x NTC metal waterproof ring probes measuring -
  • inside diameter 3.87mm 
  • total diameter 8.02mm 
  • ring thickness 2.15mm 
  • total length 25mm
Easy installation.

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