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Advantages of A Good Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge.

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Advantages of A Good EGT Kit.

An EGT (or exhaust gas temperature) is installed in many cars, particularly turbo equipped cars, in order to monitor these temperatures which gives us a good idea of the air-fuel ratio of an internal combustion engine. It's often seen various diesel-run vehicles. A good EGT kit can require a small monetary investment and will take some effort to install, but it is well worth the time and money. There are many advantages to using these kits to get an accurate glimpse of what's going on in your engine, and here are a  few:


  1. EGT, Engine Safety

Monitoring your EGT levels and getting a good read on your air to fuel ratio is important for the safety of operating your vehicle. With a good air to fuel ratio you can rely on lower, but more specifically safer temperatures. With less stable ratios, however,temperatures can arise to dangerous levels leading to the possibly of engine failure, spark plug fouling, and other maintenance and safety issues.


  1. Fine Tuning Your Engine using EGT

Monitoring your engine temperatures and ratios can also play a vital role in how efficiently as well as how safely your engine operates. When used in conjunction with a wide-band oxygen censor, a good EGT gauge can often help drivers figure out how to 'lean' the engine ratios in order to safely raise the temperature of the engine. This allows for more speed and more power in the engine, but at a significantly smaller risk.


  1. Easy to Install EGT kit

Although there is some fine tuning required based on what kind of engine you have equipped, what kind of conditions you'll be driving, and so on, for the most part the installation of an EGT gauge is relatively simple. Because of this it makes it both easier to do yourself, and cheaper to have someone else do it for you.


  1. Fuel Efficiency

Since the EGT Gauge will help you fine tune your engine as well as monitoring air to fuel ratios, it also allows for your engine with proper tuning to operate more efficiently in regards to fuel usage. This is especially for longer trips either on the road or on circular tracks. This not only saves fuel and money, but time as well since you won't have to make as many stops to refill your tank.
  Most drivers understand that it's important to know your car. Know how it drives, how it runs, and how it needs to be taken care of. Looking under the hood can only tell you so much, and you don't always have the time to make that stop when its most needed. An EGT gauge kit might not be all your car needs but it is a leap in the right direction toward knowing your car and how to make it work best for you.

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