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Temperature Sensors

Mainline sensors are a manufacturer and supplier of quality motorsport performance and industrial temperature sensors, gauges and components for amateur level on/off road motorsport and industrial applications. Mainline sensors supplies temperature sensors and digital gauges including colour LCD and LED displays which are some of the most accurate temperature gauges on the market. 

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  • CHT¬† Gauge Kits
  • Water, Oil Gauge Kits
  • Intercooler Temperature Gauge Kits

Using Aero grade components and platinum elements which are known for their thermal sensitivity and very fast response, our sensors are made to recognise small changes in temperature, accurately providing you with continually updated information. We can manufacture Type  K, J, RTD PT100, RTD PT1000. thermocouple, thermistor and other types of temperature sensor assemblies in any quantity.

Temperature sensor design and manufacture is in-house, so if our existing designs do not suit your application, we can provide cost effective customised sensors to suit even the most demanding application. modifications such as customer specific connectors, cable protection and cable lengths.

Please contact us we will be pleased to help.

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EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge Kits

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