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Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge Kit and Sensor, CHT. 14mm - Mainline Sensors

Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge Kit and Sensor, CHT. 14mm


Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge Kit 14mm Sensor.


Why do you need a CHT gauge?

If you drive an air cooled or in fact any vehicle this CHT gauge will tell you a lot about the state of tune of your engine. VW Campers with Type 4 engines and other air cooled vehicles especially those with stock fuel injection, have a tendency to run hot.
Overheating an aircooled engine will often result in damage to the cylinder head valve seats, the so-called "dropped seat" syndrome. A properly installed CHT gauge can help prevent this sort of catastrophe.

Since air-cooled vehicles do not have any coolant inside the engine, we measure the engine heat by reading the temperature of the cylinder head in the spark plug area. This area of the head gets very hot and is an excellent indicator of the operating parameters of the engine as a whole. 

The temperature measurement is cold junction compensated for high accuracy. Very few CHT gauges on the market have the cold junction compensation circuit. Most of them cost several times more than this gauge.

Gauge reads in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

CHT Kit Specification:

  • Gauge Dimensions:79mm x 43mm x 25mm.
  • Panel Cut: 76.5mm x 39.2mm.
  • Clear 4 Digit RED Led Readout.
  • 12v connection.
  • Fast Response time: 500 msec.
  • The gauge measures in Celsius up to 1300c or 2372 Fahrenheit
  • Easy installation.
  • Comes with box and instructions.
  • Sensor id Ring Size 14mm. (We have different id ring sizes available in stock,please message us for details).
Universally Compatible with all Petrol/Diesel vehicles including VW Camper, Beetle, Land Rover, 4x4s, Boats, Trucks, Snowmobiles.

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