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Transmission Temperature Gauge Kit, 1/8" NPT - Mainline Sensors

Transmission Temperature Gauge Kit, 1/8" NPT


 Transmission Temperature Gauge Kit.


This transmission temperature gauge is used to monitor your vehicles transmission temperature.

Monitoring the transmission temperatures gives the driver early indication of overheating which could result in failure and costly repairs. Fitting and using this gauge is an inexpensive way to safeguard your vehicle.

Universal Kit.

This universal kit is suitable for turbo & non turbo engines including popular Sports/Performance Cars, 4WD, Boats, Planes, Trucks. The probe is one of the best available and will read and display temperature with great accuracy +/- 1%. Temperatures up to 1250 C.Our gauge kits come with a 1/8 NPT type K thermocouple probe.

The temperature measurement is cold junction compensated for high accuracy. Very few gauges on the market have the cold junction compensation circuit. Most of them cost several times more than this gauge.

 Gauge reads in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 


Kit includes: Gauge, Sensor Cable with 1/8" NPT fitting

K type Probe:

Probe Material : High quality Stainless Steel with Platinum elements.
Probe Diameter : 5mm (0.2”)
Probe Length : L1 80mm (3.15”)
Threads : 1/8” NPT Adjustable Compression Fittings
Cable Lengths : 3/5/8/10 Meters
Cable Insulation : Fiberglass braiding with stainless steel overbraiding
Type : Ungrounded
Temperature Range : -100 ~ 1250 degree Celsius

Gauge :

Display Range : 0 ~ 1300 Celsius or 2372 Fahrenheit
Display Type : 3 1/2 LED (Red/Blue/Green)
Dimensions : 79W x 43H x 25D mm (3.1" x 1.7" x 1")
Accuracy : +/- 1%
Power : 12V DC


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